Accurate Conduit Bending

Accurate Conduit Bending

Accurate Conduit BendingAccurate Conduit Bending

About Us


Denny Stroney is a retired Journeyman Wireman from IBEW LU 573, Warren, OH who began his apprenticeship in 1969.
He was taught the cosecant method of bending conduit like his father, uncle, and grandfather.

After working at the trade for about 15 years he realized that the cosecant method solves right triangles and not offsets.

Wanting to be a better craftsman he stated solving the correct math for conduit bends.

Bend aid

Bend Aid uses the correct math formulas to solve conduit bends.
The math formulas are in the app and the smart phone does the arithmetic.

You measure where the bends need to fit and Bend Aid finds the smallest Bend Angle that will work.

Bend Aid gives all the correct answers to layout the bends and cut and thread before the bends are made.

When the smallest bend angle is used it is easier to pull wire, and saves installing fittings in conduit runs.

Bend Aid 

Cosecant Method

The correct math formulas to solve offset is too complicated to do by hand so in the 1930's the cosecant method was developed by using "tricks of the trade" which are "close enough, most of the time".

The cosecant method solves a right triangle where the altitude is the offset, the angle is picked, and the hypotenuse is mistakenly called the center to center of the bends.

The cosecant method only gives an answer for the center to center of the bends.